Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Intermediate Links

Skill Building

Computer Lab Favorites-Scholastic site with lots of fun activities.

Interactive Sites- Has games to practice skills in math, language arts, science, and social studies.

Iknowthat- Sharpen your skills in math, language arts, science, and much more!

Free Rice-Practice your vocabulary while donating rice to hungry people in other countries.

Spelling City-Practice your spelling words.

Tutpup- Practice math and spelling skills while competing against students from other countries.

Arcademic Skill Builder-Educational video games where you can host your own game or compete against other people in the subject aread of math and language arts.

Game Classroom
-Educational games and homework help for K-6 students.

Olympic Sports- Olympic website with lots of information and videos on Olympic sports.

Just for Fun

GoAnimate- Fun site to create movies.

FontStruck- Create your own font, then save it to use on your computer.

Halloween Fun- Lots of Halloween sites and activities.

Life Round Here-Page with winners of the "Life Round Here" project.

Winter Holiday Fun-Some movies and activities for winter/holiday fun.

Winter Scavenger Hunt
-Winter Scavenger hunt

The First Thanksgiving- Activities to learn about the first Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Fact Hunt-Learn about the first Thanksgiving.

Speak Up Survey-Survey about your use of technology.

Mardi Gras- Learn all about Mardi Gras with this scavenger hunt.

Million Futures-What are your hopes for the future? Share them and see other peoples hopes.

Mr. Nussbaum Explore all subjects through interactive online activities.

History of Elmwood Park Pictures- Pictures from Elmwood Park.

Elmwood Park Pics-More pictures from Elmwood Park.

Kids Stuff-Kathy Shrock's list of fun websites for kids, includes games, homework help, and much more!

- Interactive site used to create timelines.

Learn 4 Good Games- Lots of fun games for kids.

Don't Buy It- Get media smart from this PBS Kids website.

Social Studies

President's Day Games-Some fun games/activities for President's Day.

Founders Quiz-Discover which Founding Father you are most alike.

America's President's Crossword-President's Day Crossword

Scholastic Cyberhunts-

Google Life Collection-
Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today.

Ancient Rome (BBC)-Great site with lots of information about life in Ancient Rome.

Ancient Rome-Has information about all aspects of Ancient Rome.

Inauguration Sites-Lots of sites to learn about presidential inaugurations.

13 Colonies-This site is a good place to start has information about the original 13 colonies. Click on the colony names on the left hand side to get more information about the different colonies.

13 Colonies- Information about the 13 colonies.

13 Colonies Trades
-Good information about different trades in Colonial times.

Congress for Kids-Site has several games to learn about 13 colonies.

13 Colonies Map- Has information on 13 colonies and how they lived in colonial times and has information and links to what the colonies are like today.

Explorers Find information on British, Spanish, French and early explorers.

European Explorers Find information on European explorers.

Great Canadian Explorers
Find information on Canadian explorers.

Virtual Museum of France Focuses on information about French explorers.

Explorers Around the World Use this site to link to more pages about your explorer.

Kids Konnect Explorers Link to plenty of websites on explorers.

Mr. Nussbaum's Explorers Timeline Use the timeline to find out more about the explorers.

Enchanted Learning-Find the search box and type in what you want to find.

Jamestown Simulation-Can you do better than the original colonists? Find out in this simulation.

Internet Safety

Cyberbully Survey- Survey about cyberbullying.

Garfield Videos- Internet Safety Videos

Welcome to the Web- Exciting challenges and activities to learn all about the Internet.

Google Custom Search
- Search several sites for information on internet safety.

Kids Internet Safety- Learn how to stay safe on the Internet.

Kids Domain Internet Etiquette- Site with information about digital netiquette.

Privacy Playground- Games/videos to learn how to stay safe on the Internet.

NetSmartzKids- Resources, games, and videos on internet safety.

Nick Kids Pick President-Learn about issues and hear from kids about the election.

- Meet the candidates, learn about the important issues, play election games and much more!

CNN Election Center-Has lots of election resources.

Election Vocabulary- Go here to find the meaning of commonly used words realted to elections.

Weekly Reader-Great resources to learn about the election.

Time for Kids- Another great election site.

BBC News-News source with information about the canditates stance on the major issues.

Statetetris- Statetris is a game that combines geography and tetris.

Continents- Fun game to test you knowledge about continents.

Shepard Software-Test your knowledge on U.S. states and capitals.

Kids National Geographic
-Interesting site with geogrpahy games, stories, and much more.

All about Illinois- Links to learn more about Illinois.

Order of Operations- Games to learn about order of operations and converting fractions.

Angles- Games about angles.

Fractions-Different sites to practice working with equivalent fractions.

Everyday Math-Has links to many math games, activities, and resources.

BBC-Learn more about angles and shapes by playing these games.

Math Playground-Play this fun polygon matching game.

Factor Bingo- Practice factors by playing Bingo.

- Free games/courses for math practice.

Greatest Common Factor

Factor Game-Illuminations game to practice factors.

CrickWeb-Play different games to learn about shapes.

Virtual Manipulatives- Tesellations

Language Arts

Zimmer Twins- Great site to create your own animated movie

My StoryMaker-Fun site that allows you to create your own story.

Poem Creator- Create your own haiku, limerick, or choose from several other choices!

Story Line- Have a story read to you by famous actors.

Iknowthat- Play interactive games related to Language Arts.

Storybird-Simple tool to create online stories.


Earth Week-Environmental Kids Club Site

Great Pacific Garbage Patch- Explains what the Pacific Garbage Patch is.

How Stuff Works Video- Video showing what an Ocean Garbage Patch is.

What is a Tsunami- Great site from CNN that explains what tsunami's are.

Tsunami Video Footage- Video showing footage from the tsunami in Japan.

Tsunami Pictures from US-Some pictures of how Tsunami affected the US.

Game for Science- Virtual world devoted to science activities, a lot of fun!

Elements- Fun game for science

Biomes-Links to learn about Biomes

Light-Some sites and activities to learn about light.

Force/Friction-Some sites to learn about force/friction.

Cell Inspector-Harcourt site to explore plant and animal cells.

Cells (Pearson)
- 3D Plant and Animal Cells

Biology 4Kids-Cool site with information about cells, invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants.

How Cells Work-Video from HowStuffWorks on how cells work.


Mitosis and Meiosis

Butterfly Scavenger Hunt-

5th Grade Projects-Has different fun activities for 5th grade social studies and science

Habitats/Ecosystems-Great site with information about biomes/ecosystems.

Habitats/Landforms- Information about habitats & landforms, and some fun activities.

National Geographic- National Geographic site about habitats.

- Resources for habitats, ecosystems, and biomes.

- Information about habitats.

Habitats & Food Chains
-More informaton about habitats and animals that live in them.

Kids Konnect- Has links to several resources about biomes.

Biomes-Information about biomes with different reading levels.

Volcanoes-Information about Volcanoes.

Daylight Savings Time
-Daylight Savings Time

Digestive System- Scavenger hunt about your digestive system.

Free Pictures

Creative Commons- Site to get copyright free pictures from.

Copyright Friendly- Copyright friendly images and sounds for use in media projects.

Open Photo-Free Pictures

Stock Vault-Free Photos

Unprofound-Search for free photos.

-Search for free photos or textures.

Free Stock Photos- Free photos by category.

Free PhotosBank
- Free photos by category.


Space Webquest

Maya and Inca Webquest-Has a lot of information about the Maya and Inca civilizations.

Zoom Astronomy- Enchanted learning site about solar system.

Web 2.o Tools and Photo Editing

- Online whiteboard to collaborate with friends.

MessageHop- Fast and easy way to create messages and share them.

Big Huge Labs-Create your own trading cards, customized calendar, wallpaper, and much more.

VoiceThread-Tell your own story digitally by using pictures

Wordle- Create a wordle.

Animoto-Fun site allows you to upload your own pictures and music to make a short movie.

Avatar Maker- Create your own avatar for online use.

Picnik-Edit your photos and add special effects to your pictures.

Splashup-This photo editor is very similar to photoshop if you are looking for a more advanced way to edit your pictures.

Fotoflexer- Add shapes, touch up your pictures, remove blemishes and much more.

My Theme Animator- Animate your photos and play with the different effects.

Vicman- Access free downloads of photo editing software to fix, enhance, and share your photos.

What is Web 2.0-Article about Web 2.0.

Typing Games

Free Typing Games
-Site with fun typing games/lessons including some Halloween typing games!

Dance Mat Typing-Typing game for younger students.

Typing Speed Test-Test to see how fast you can type!

Typing Games- Ton of fun typing games.

More Typing Games
- Some fun typing games, enjoy!

Scavenger Hunts

Reference Materials Scavenger Hunt- Learn about reference materials!

4th Grade Government Hunt- Learn more about government from this Scavenger hunt.


Computer Kiddos-Great site with lots of example scratch projects and some video tutorials.

Search Engines
Kid Rex-Kid safe search engine

Twurdy-Search engine that gives results based upon easy or hard the site is to read and understand.

Primary Links

Skill Building Sites

Jump Rope for Heart-

FeryHalim- Has several games that you can play to practice your mouse skills.

-Games to help practice using your mouse.

Bees & Honey-Practice moving the mouse, clicking, and finally use drag & drop

Iknowthat- Interactive language arts, math, science games and much more.

Funbrain- Another fun site for language arts and math.

TutPup- Practice math and spelling skills while competing against students from other countries.

Interactive Sites- Has games to practice skills in math, language arts, science, and social studies.

Game Goo-
Fun site has games to practice language arts skills.

Privacy Playground-Site that has games to play to learn about internet safety.

Fun 4 The Brain- Fun games to practice math, langugage arts, and science.

Language Arts

Sight Words- Games to practice sight words.

Clifford Road to Reading- Play all the games and stories to earn your license to read!

Language Arts Skill Builders-Lots of language arts games.

BBC- Language Arts Game

The Grumpy Bug- Story about the Grumpy Bug

The No Tail Cat-Story

Starfall-Great site for early readers.


IXL-Great math games organized by grade level and skill.

Carrot Sticks-Fun game to practice addition facts against other people.

Toon University Choose your grade level and then have fun in Math.

Everyday Math-Has links to many math games, activities, and resources.

Learn 4 Good- Math game with regrouping.

Math Skill Builders-Lots of games to practice math skills.

CrickWeb- Fun math games.

Social Studies

Tour of Lincoln's Home- Take a virtual tour of Abraham Lincoln's home

Lincoln Home Tour- Another virtual tour of Abraham Lincoln's home

Ben's Guide-Great resource to learn about our nation, your neighborhood, U.S. symbols.

US Symbols-Scavenger hunt about US Symbols.

Kids Capital- Games related to Washington D.C. and presidents.

Landforms-Enchanted learning landforms.

Enchanted Learning States-Information about Illinois and other states.


Earth Week-Environmental Kids Club Site

Nutrition-Learn more about nutrition from these useful games and activities.

BBC Matter- Learn more about science with these fun activities.

Foss Web's Solids and Liquids-See if the different objects can be changed into solids or liquids.

Enchanted Learning Butteflies- Website to learn about life cycle of butterflies.

Habitats-Learn more about habitats from this great website.

Enchanted Learning Planets- Information about planets.

Arty Astronaut-Link to space information and games.


Lissa Explains- Learn all about HTML and how to build a webpage.

Katies Computer Level 1-Interactive site to learn about computers.

Bookers Computer Level 2-

Dwayne's Room Level 4-

Yasmin's Room-Level 5-

Computer Parts-Learn about the different parts of a compter.

Input and Output Devices-Learn about input and output devices.

Computer Parts-Learn about the different parts of a compter.

Computer Parts ( A look inside)-All about the parts on the inside of a computer.

Just for Fun

Eggsactly-Easter Scavenger Hunt

AbcYa Word Clouds- Site to create word clouds just like Wordle.

Build Your Wild Self-Fun site to see yourself as half human half animal.


Hello everyone, on my site you will find many useful resources that you can use in class or at home. Hope you find them useful.