Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Primary Links

Skill Building Sites

Jump Rope for Heart-

FeryHalim- Has several games that you can play to practice your mouse skills.

-Games to help practice using your mouse.

Bees & Honey-Practice moving the mouse, clicking, and finally use drag & drop

Iknowthat- Interactive language arts, math, science games and much more.

Funbrain- Another fun site for language arts and math.

TutPup- Practice math and spelling skills while competing against students from other countries.

Interactive Sites- Has games to practice skills in math, language arts, science, and social studies.

Game Goo-
Fun site has games to practice language arts skills.

Privacy Playground-Site that has games to play to learn about internet safety.

Fun 4 The Brain- Fun games to practice math, langugage arts, and science.

Language Arts

Sight Words- Games to practice sight words.

Clifford Road to Reading- Play all the games and stories to earn your license to read!

Language Arts Skill Builders-Lots of language arts games.

BBC- Language Arts Game

The Grumpy Bug- Story about the Grumpy Bug

The No Tail Cat-Story

Starfall-Great site for early readers.


IXL-Great math games organized by grade level and skill.

Carrot Sticks-Fun game to practice addition facts against other people.

Toon University Choose your grade level and then have fun in Math.

Everyday Math-Has links to many math games, activities, and resources.

Learn 4 Good- Math game with regrouping.

Math Skill Builders-Lots of games to practice math skills.

CrickWeb- Fun math games.

Social Studies

Tour of Lincoln's Home- Take a virtual tour of Abraham Lincoln's home

Lincoln Home Tour- Another virtual tour of Abraham Lincoln's home

Ben's Guide-Great resource to learn about our nation, your neighborhood, U.S. symbols.

US Symbols-Scavenger hunt about US Symbols.

Kids Capital- Games related to Washington D.C. and presidents.

Landforms-Enchanted learning landforms.

Enchanted Learning States-Information about Illinois and other states.


Earth Week-Environmental Kids Club Site

Nutrition-Learn more about nutrition from these useful games and activities.

BBC Matter- Learn more about science with these fun activities.

Foss Web's Solids and Liquids-See if the different objects can be changed into solids or liquids.

Enchanted Learning Butteflies- Website to learn about life cycle of butterflies.

Habitats-Learn more about habitats from this great website.

Enchanted Learning Planets- Information about planets.

Arty Astronaut-Link to space information and games.


Lissa Explains- Learn all about HTML and how to build a webpage.

Katies Computer Level 1-Interactive site to learn about computers.

Bookers Computer Level 2-

Dwayne's Room Level 4-

Yasmin's Room-Level 5-

Computer Parts-Learn about the different parts of a compter.

Input and Output Devices-Learn about input and output devices.

Computer Parts-Learn about the different parts of a compter.

Computer Parts ( A look inside)-All about the parts on the inside of a computer.

Just for Fun

Eggsactly-Easter Scavenger Hunt

AbcYa Word Clouds- Site to create word clouds just like Wordle.

Build Your Wild Self-Fun site to see yourself as half human half animal.

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